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GOLDEN GARNET, a natural Almandine Garnet is an ecofriendly abrasive mineral with its advantages far outreaching its alternatives. Its unique grain hardness and toughness guarantee productivity and efficiency. Garnet has many applications and is mainly used as abrasive in abrasive blasting & water jet cutting and as a adsorbent in water filtration. It is also used in the preparation of non-skid tracks, steps, sports Ground Surface etc. Being inert, nontoxic and containing 0.1% free silica is an environmentally safe mineral.

GOLDEN GARNET is mined from the coastal areas of India which considered as one of the world best source of heavy minerals. The raw materials once extracted, is processed using would class machines to remove chlorides and sulphates, washed with fresh water, magnetically screened to remove ferrous particles and finally screed and packed in high quality bags to the designed size range. Each process is controlled to maintained proper quality at every state which ensures required performance of the final product.  GOLDEN GARNET processed using unique washing system using Attrition Scrubber ensured Chloride free product.

Garnet Particles being angular in shape helps in extremely fast cutting rates and low abrasive consumption. High specific gravity of GOLDEN GARNET results in low breakdown rates which results in low consumption during blasting and also with reduction in dust levels as well. Hence, it can be recycled number of times depending on the initial size when compared to other expendable abrasives.

GOLDEN GARNET is processed with strict quality control measures to ensure correct size and distribution of particles in each abrasive grade mixes. It is widely used also as cutting media in water jet machines and as filter media for filtration.