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Clean Blast Blowers

Using compressed air or steam, air blowers provide high volumes of air with NO MOVING PARTS. Venturi blowers are used in supplying or exhausting applications such as: tanks, towers, refineries, process plants, pressure vessels, cooling/drying applications, foundries, sand blasting and shipyard applications, manholes, cargo holes, and other similar confined work areas. Its also suited for use in hazardous atmospheric locations.


Venturi Air Blowers - Principle of Operation

In the venture Air Blower , air or steam enters a concentric manifold chamber surrounding a Venturi throat. A series of orifices located symmetrically around the chamber are positioned to expand the air or steam into the reaction zone downstream of the throat. It is here that the high velocity air or steam imparts its energy to slower moving air and accelerates it, which in turn draws more air through the throat into the reaction zone. A conical-shaped diffuser controls direction and expansion of the accelerated air.


Pneumatic Blower:

To provide efficient and high volume air moving capacity, Clean Blast -Air Blowers has created the largest pneumatic fan. When operated, compressed air is pushed through a nozzle at the tip of each fan blade, which propels the fan at high speeds creating up to 16,900 CFM. The Clean Blast Air Blowers are precisely designed to fit 24” API tank openings. Like our other pneumatic fans, it can be used as a blower or exhauster, by simply reverse mounting.

Clean Blast blowers have rugged aluminum fan housing and reaction fan designed to produce 11,000 CFM at 100 psig (max) inlet pressure quickly and efficiently. Weighing only 75 lbs., this blower is easily transported from one place to another by using its recessed carry handles, or it may be rolled. The unit’s flange is designed to fit standard API tank openings.
• Spark-resistant, heavy duty aluminum fan and fan housing
• Heavy duty ball bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed for the life of the product
• Stainless steel fan shaft eliminates internal rust
• Newly designed 3/4” side mount inlet connector


Electrical Blowers

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