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Proper PPE will keep you safe, secure and comfortable during blasting operation and hence, CLEANBLAST™ offers you wide range of PPE to meet your requirement.

Blast Helmet   ||   Paint Spray Helmet  ||   Cool Air Tube   ||   Respirator Cartridges   ||   Airline Filter Unit   ||   Blast Suit and Gloves   ||   CO Monitors   ||  



Product Description:
The RPB® 4000-01 Cold Air Tube Assembly cools compressed breathing air coming into respirators by as much as 32 ̊F(18 ̊C).

The 4000-01 Cold Air Tube helps maximize worker comfort and increase productivity in hot climates.

The 4000-01 Cold Air Tube Assembly is fitted with an airflow regulator that allows the user to adjust the outgoing air temperature to suit their requirements.


All components of the 4000-01 are replaceable and the unit can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

The 4000-01 is manufactured from non toxic engineering plastic which is extremely robust and ideal for the rigors of the workplace.



Advanced Air Temperature Control System – Hot/Cold Adjustment
The RPB® C40™ Climate Control Device can heat and cool your supplied air as desired. With the slide of a lever, your employees can switch from heating to cooling ensuring they are comfortable whether they’re in the searing heat of the Arizona summer, a severe Scandinavian winter or anywhere in between.

The RPB® C40™ Climate Control Device cools incoming air by 52°F and heats incoming air by 33°F.