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722A Industrial Vacuum with pre-separator

An extremely powerful vacuum unit for the collection of blasting grit and other granulated material. The combination of high vacuum and high airflow make material transport over long distance possible. Compact design, built on a frame with the possibility of transportation by forklift. Equipped with grit and dust separator. The clean grit is collected in a silo and can be re-used. The dust is trapped in a high efficient NCF filter and discharged into a dustbin.


  • High vacuum and airflow
  • Dust separation from grit and granulates
  • Efficient self-cleaning NCF filter



710A dust collector with self-cleaning filter

For blasting shot recovery
This robust and extremely powerful system is designed for the recovery of blasting shot. Equipped with automatic pneumatic pinch valve and automatic self-cleaning NCF filter. Most of the dust is separated from the blasting shot or from the collected granulates. The dust is channelled into its own container, while the blasting shot or granulated material is fed back into the blasting pot, onto conveyors or into other containers.

  • Extremely high vacuum for suction of heavy material over long horizontal and vertical distances
  • Dust separation from collected granules and grit
  • Automatic filter cleaning and silo discharge




450A dust collectors with NCF filter

Single container system for fixed installation. Equipped with NCF filter which is automatically cleaned at each system stop. Cyclonic discharge of the material into a container of 47 liters (12 gal). Can be supplied with antistatic or conductive parts to avoid sparks from static electrical discharge. Powerful vacuum unit suitable for recovery of liquids, dust and granulated material. The unit is efficient for collecting greasy chips from lathes and drilling machines in a central suction system.]

  • Efficient vacuum unit requiring minimal floor space
  • Efficient self-cleaning NCF filter
  • High suction capacity





Ab581 - Ejectorcleaner System 200
Powerful and flexible vacuum unit installed on trolley, equipped with a grit/dust discharge unit on pre-separator silo. The cleaned grit can be emptied into a bucket, feed system or floor bin. The dust is trapped in the NCF filter and collected in the second stage silo. Suitable for use in
blasting halls for grit recovery and cleaning of blasted hulls and steel structures.

•  Very high airflow and high collection capacity

•  Forklift handling with high mobility

•  Efficient filter and grit/dust separation


216A Air powered dust collector

High capacity dust extraction and collection The 216A air powered mobile dust collector is a  powerful and robust dry industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for composite handling industry, building and construction industry and chemical industry handling powder and other dry material such as dusts, grit and granules. The portable dust collector can be equipped with a HEPA filter.
•        Cyclonic pre-separation
•        Manual         filter    cleaning         prolongs        the     filter’s  lifetime
•        Air powered