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Conventional Paint Guns
Devibiss Advance HD
The DeVilbiss Advance HD (High Demand) spray guns are available in Pressure, Suction and Gravity feed formats and a wide range of conventional technology Air Caps provide exceptional atomisation for
coating wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and composite substrates with most types of solvent, waterborne, high solids and 2K materials.

DeVilbiss outperforms the rest.

Advance HD’s unique high capacity airflow and outstanding atomization characteristics are combined with a separate “balanced” air valve to provide an unrestricted flow of compressed air through the gun body, this coupled with light, feel right comfort is an unbeatable combination. Advance spray guns are ideal for small operations or high volume spraying, with the added bonus of instantly improved finishing productivity.

Advantages of Advance HD Guns:
• Wide range of conventional atomisation air caps provide a superior sprayed finish
• Robust, Lightweight and work friendlydesign for High Demand outputs
• Stainless Steel tips, needles and fluid passageways as standard
• Contoured handle design – Greatly reduces RSi and operator fatigue
• CE marked and fully ATEX approved

Advance HD spray guns kits are packaged as:- Pressure gun only, Suction gun with 1 litre cup and Gravity feed kits inc. 568 ml standard gravity cup.

Select your Advance spray gun preference and nozzle combination’s from the charts below to provide the Optimum performance for your individual spray process.


Advance HD Compliant Guns

The Advance HD complaint spray gun’s are specially designed to satisfy the highest quality volume finishing demanded in many Industrial Applications, spraying all types of surfaces including wood, metal, plastics, ceramics and composites.The Compliant gun provides unrivalled transfer efficiency, resulting in considerable material savings for the medium to high volume user. And, of course,Advance meets all existing and foreseeable environmental regulations.

The Advance HD complaint high performance gun will cover as fast as a conventional gun but with very high material savings. Advance HD compliant gun is the profitable way to achieve superb standards of finish quality.

DeVilbiss Advance HD has a very wide selection of fluid and air nozzles to provide outstanding atomization over a wide range of materials including high solids, solvent/ water-borne paints, lacquers, stains, glaze, base and clear coats, twin pack and many other finishing materials.

• Robust, Lightweight and work friendly design for High Demand outputs
• Balanced air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow
• Trans-Tech Compliant and HVLP air caps provide superior finish with the best possible paint savings and transfer efficiency
• Forged Aluminium Alloy Gun Body – Heavily Anodised for a Rugged Long working life.
• Wider Hook opening 1/2” (12mm).
• Gun Controls – Easy Adjustment for precise control of Fluid output and atomising air.
• Separate “balanced" Air Valve design for precise air flow
• triggering and easier cleanin
• Contoured handle design – Greatly reduces RSi and operator fatigue
• Stainless Steel tips, needles and fluid passageways as standard
• CE marked and fully ATEX approved

Select your Advance compliant spray gun preference and nozzle combination’s from the charts below to provide you with the Optimum performance for your individual spray process.


DEVILBISS PRO LITE - Professional spray equipment for Fine Finishing

The superior PRO Lite performance is achieved with new and improved design technology utilising free breathing high capacity air passages and a coaxial linear air valve to provide unrestricted and even flow of compressed air through the gun body. This smooth air movement enables the precision-engineered air caps and fluid tips to produce superior atomization with consistent droplet distribution throughout the spray pattern.

• Enhanced ergonomics combined with DeVilbiss’ legendary fit and feel ensure incredible performance, handling and balance.
• Comprehensive range of Conventional, HVLP and Trans Tech (High Efficiency) Air Caps for choice of Transfer Efficiency, Atomisation power and Application requirements
• High grade stainless steel fluid tips and needles and nickel plated hard brass air caps all ontribute to a gun that can last in the extreme environment of the spray shop.
• Extensive range of stainless steel, hardened and tungsten carbide fluid tips and needles for all types of industrial applications
• Coaxial trigger air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow
• Drop forged aluminium gun body and removable air baffle for a longer working life.
• When routine maintenance is needed then the simple design and easy to maintain format ensures minimum down time and interrupted production.
• Fully Environmental Legislation Compliant with high transfer efficiency resulting in significant paint savings
• Air adjuster valve provides instant “on gun” pressure adjustment for the sprayer
• Increased “Finger” Space – Easier operator access.
• Lighter Trigger Pull Tension – Decreased RSi and Operator Fatigue.
• Comfortable operator friendly Trigger design – with reduced trigger travel.
• Curved Handle design – provides superior operator fit and feel with reduced RSI and operator fatige
• Fully ATEX certified and authorised for use in the EU community

The DeVilbiss PRO Lite E is an enhanced version of the PRO lite exclusively designed for heavy duty spray finishing and surface coating applications in the ceramic and vitreous enamel market.

Typical Applications

• Wood Industry
• Metal fabrication.
• Adhesives
• Aerospace
• Yacht & Marine
• Railway & rolling stock
• Truck & Vehicle Manufacturing

Pressure Feed Containers

Pressure feed containers are used to allow the coating material to be prepared, thinned and conditioned,
constantly agitated (if required) and then supplied in bulk to consistently maintain the correct spraying
viscosity and pressure. The Binks range is equipped with easy to operate air regulators (to set the desired fluid outlet pressure) safety pressure relief valves and Manual, Rotary or Oscillating agitation types are available to provide the best quality agitation.

Binks Pressure Feed Containers are constructed from the highest grade materials and fully comply with European and Global pressure regulations including PED, ATEX and ASME. Binks have a pressure tank to fit every industrial application.

Binks offer a selected range of Air Driven paint agitators for general industrial use, the range includes Drum & Pail mounted agitators with Heavy Duty motors.

Advantages of Pressure Feed Containers:

• Fully approved and CE marked to the latest pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.
• Constructed from Heavy Gauge steel with forged steel clamps
• St St & Carbon Steel Plated range covers ALL industrial applications.
• Higher pressure rating for Heavier materials
• Range offers complete material handling suitability for solvent and waterborne coatings
• Inner Liners reduce cleaning time and save coating material
• Top and Bottom outlet conversion kits available
• Single air regulator as standard with optional dual outlet kits.
• A disposable tank liner is supplied with all pressure tanks as standard. When combined with the use of disposable liners, there is no more economical way to run a paint operation for most applications