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Pneumatic Airless Painting Systems  

Airless Spray machine
WAGNER offers devices, equipment and systems for all areas of industrial surface coating. Wagners innovative products and solutions stand out in terms of their quality, efficiency and productivity.
WAGNER has developed the single-component IceBreaker-PC spray systems for heavy-duty corrosion protection. A consistent solution for extreme challenges, even under the toughest of conditions.
• Maintenance-free control with very low pulsation for outstanding spray quality – even during continuous operation.
• Ideal for thick film corrosion protection – even when applying large amounts of material and using several guns.
• Extremely robust, reliable and easy to maintain in everyday use.

Large fluid sections with a double stroke volume of up to 300 cm³ ensure a low piston speed and high dynamic pressure. Perfect for processing abrasive materials such as zinc powder paints.

Large fluid sections with a double stroke volume of up to 300 cm³ ensure a low piston speed and high dynamic pressure. Perfect for processing abrasive materials such as zinc powder paints.   The air motors with piston diameters of 6", 9" or 12" ensure extremely low pulsation thanks to the full-pressure reversing device. The soft start function makes the pump a cinch to operate.   The pump inlet valve with its extra-large valve diameter of 45 mm allows a consistently reliable intake of high-viscosity, high-abrasion paints. To disassemble the unit for cleaning, simply tap it with a hammer
The RackCaddy is exceptionally robust. An integrated bracket simplifies transport by crane. The RackCaddy provides all-round protection for the pump and accessories – even if the device is dropped! The large wheels with solid rubber tires ensure fuel-saving transport to the point of use.   The highly flexible, 38 mm (1½") wide suction hose has extra-large inlet valves for maximum intake rates. This is an unbeatable advantage, especially for highly viscous materials. The coarse filter screen means that there is no loss of throughput, while the quick release fastener makes for easy maintenance and cleaning.   The RackCaddy provides space to store the material hose, gun and suction hose – even up to a length of 60 m. That way you can keep all the accessories neatly stowed ready for use.

How to select the right pump:

Calculate the required throughput:

Take the number of guns, required coating thickness, operating speed and desired spray width to calculate the material consumption per minute. If the paint manufacturer specifies a particular nozzle size, this also tells you what the material throughput will be.

Calculate the required material pressure:
The paint manufacturer will provide recommendations for the spray pressure needed at the gun. Depending on viscosity, material hose length and diameter, you must add the pressure loss in the hosing to calculate the pressure needed at the pump outlet.

Select your pump:
The table shows the recommended flow and pressure ranges to help you select the right pump. These are approximate values and are not guaranteed.


Leopard 48 -110

Jaguar 75 -150

Jaguar 55 -200

Tiger 72 -300

Protec 60-240

Max. material pressure

380 bar

530 bar

440 bar

530 bar

480 Bar

Double stroke volume

110 cm³

150 cm³

200 cm³

300 cm³


Flow at 60 DH/min.

6,6 liters/min.

9,0 liters/min.

12,0 liters/min.

18,0 liters/min.

14.4 liters/min

Max. supply air pressure

8,0 bar

7,1 bar

8,0 bar

7,4 bar

8.0 bar

Material inlet (intake)


1 ¹∕₂''

1 ¹∕₂''

1 ¹∕₂''

1 ½”

Material outlet (pressure side)

G ³∕₈'' thread

G ¹∕₂''thread

G ¹∕₂''thread

G ¹∕₂''thread


G ¹∕₂''thread

Recommended flow rate

0,5 ... 2 liters/min.

0,7 ... 3 liters/min.

1 ... 4 liters/min.

1,5 ... 6 liters/min.

1 ... 5 liters/min.

Recommended material pressure

150 ... 300 bar

200 ... 400 bar

150 ... 350 bar

200 ... 450 bar


150-400 Bar

Range of application

Small to medium areas
Medium viscosity

Medium to large areas
High viscosity

Large areas
High viscosity

Very large areas
Very high viscosity

Large areas
Very high viscosity

Zinc powder paint, iron mica



Flame protection materials


Thick film materials






High-solid materials



Solvent-based materials

Water-based materials


Airless 2k system
Wagner Protec 2K
With the reduction of harmful solvents, the solids content of modern anti-corrosion materials is constantly increasing. This Protective Coating material no longer simply dries, but rather cures chemically. This requires two components which are mixed prior to application. These materials harden quickly and stand out with their excellent resistance.

The new WAGNER PROTEC 2K was specially developed for this application. It takes over the precise dosing of the components as well as the elaborate and time-consuming mixing. You will be surprised how easy the system is to use. It operates almost as simple as a 1K piston pump!
The advantages are easy to see:
• You save time because you don’t need to mix or stir any material in advance
• You save material because you mix only as much you need.
• You work without being concerned that the pot life will expire before completion of the coating
• You save time and material because you do not flush the entire system in case of a longer interruption of work, only the parts that contain mixed materials will be flushed ( mixing block, material hose, spray gun ).
• You avoid coating defects. The correct mixing ratio is determined by the system and guarantees the best possible coating quality.

Wagner Protech Gun
The WAGNER PROTEC product family is specially tailored to meet the demands of protective coating applications. It meets the highest requirements when using high solid and highly viscous coating materials. The uncompromising quality of the components and materials used ensures maximum availability and minimum downtime!

The new airless manual spray gun WAGNER PROTEC GM 1 has proved itself with superior technical and ergonomic advantages. Excellent ergonomics, good balance and unmatched ease with each use ensure a safe and reassuring feeling, excellent coating results and comfortable working.
• Excellent spraying for optimum coating results.
• Lightest gun of its class!
• Compact design combined with perfect ergonomics and low trigger force for fatigue-free working.
• Uncompromising quality for maximum reliable working performance.
• Fast nozzle and filter change guarantees high availability.

Noticeably low trigger and holding force even at the highest operating pressure. .
Fast and easy change of the WAGNER cage filter without tools for reliable operation and flawless surfaces..
Excellent spraying properties. Easily adjustable nozzle guard. 180° rotation of the nozzle gets rid of blockages quickly and reliably.
The lightest and most ergonomic gun in its class with a swivel connection for fatigue-free working. An insulated handle makes the use of heated material possible.
Ready to use for the highest pressures and in the toughest working condi-tions.


Technical data

GM 1-530

GM 1-350




Material pressure max.

530 bar

350 bar

Thread nozzle guard

7/8‘‘ - 14 UNF - 2A

7/8‘‘ - 14 UNF - 2A

Material connection

A – ¼“ NPS

A – ¼“ NPS

Material temperature max.

80 °C

80 °C


580 g

560 g

Noise level max.

85 dB(A)

85 dB(A)


160 mm

160 mm


188 mm

188 mm

Atex designation

Ex II 2G X

Ex II 2G X