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CLEANBLAST™ offers a full range of Standard and customized Blast Cabinets  Jetair Suction Blast machines are at the top of industrial hand blasting cabinets. The halogen lighting and high performance cartridge dust collection/filtration system fitted to these models ensures maximum internal visibility, vital for yielding first-class results. These dry blasting cleaning cabinets are designed to provide quick, clean and efficient results across a wide range of blast cleaning applications. Jetair Suction Blast machines come in different sizes, thereby letting you choose the one that best suits your needs and resources.Machine specifications include various options of  separate four cartridge filters, media cyclone separator and turntable .

All Cabinets use standard suction feed method, whereby compressed air is used to create a ‘venturi’ effect which is used to draw blast media from the hopper of the cabinet up to blast gun where it is propelled on the surface of the components which are to be treated. The media then falls back to the hopper and is recycled.  All of the Jetair machines can be easily converted to pressure using our Direct Pressure Minipot Kit. As a result, suction blasting performance is increase by up to four times. The kit consists of a  small blastpot, pneumatic air valve, blasthose, tungsten carbide nozzle and Saunders metering Valve.

A minipot simply slides onto the base of the machine hopper and takes only a few minutes to fit. Being a small capacity unit, a key benefit of the minipot is that it can operate quite effectively with low compressed air volumes. The blast room will be rubber lined. Overall, Jetair Suction Blasts are highly effective for abrasive blast cleaning.

  • Standard Features

    • Halogen lighting

    • Light and extractor switch

    • Slam shut door

    • Media catch tray

    • Sealed armhole/gloves

    • Full-width window

    • Easy pressure conversion

    • Handheld air wash gun

    • Extraction air inlet ducts

    • Integral dust extraction as standard

    • Sealed hopper sieve

    • Moisture trap and pressure gauge

    • Electrostatically powder-coated

    • Blast room rubber lined