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Wet Blast Attachment type ‘WB’

This simple WB water ring fits most nozzles and only needs water tap pressure to work. Water and air/media is mixed outside.  This simple WB water ring fits most nozzles (not included).  The attachment is delivered complete with stop and regulator valve.

Part No :  S15070000



Wet Blast attachment type ‘KWB’

This wetblast attachment can only be used with a pump unit. 
This KWB attachment is suitable for all nozzles with 50 mm coarse thread (not included). The pump unit is necessary to mix the water and air/media inside. Because of the pump unit the metering of the water can be set very accurate. Also heights or extreme hose lengths are not a problem.  Delivered complete with stop and regulator valve.

Part No: S15070020



Membrane pump unit, type C

This option can be installed on the machine when wet blasting with the attachment ‘WB’, ‘WIN’, ‘WJN’, ‘KWB/Mini’ and ‘KWB/M. Complete unit is built in strong plastic case

Part No: S23000405

Max. air pressure          : 7 bar
Max. air consumption     : 0.25 m³/min
Pump ratio                     : 1:1
Max. water displacement : 17 l/min
Max. suction height, dry  : 2.5 m
Max. suction height, filled : 4.4 m
Max. water inlet pressure : 7 bar
Max. water temperature   : 82°C
Min. water temperature     :   4.5°C