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Aqua blast : Advanced Wet Blasting for Medium to Large Components

Introducing the Aqua blast : Our second-largest wet blasting model, perfect for medium to large components. Experience a gentle, impact-free cleansing process with water acting as a lubricant. Say goodbye to media impregnation and extend blast media lifespan. Discover the complete process below:

Contained within the wet blasting cabinet sump, the water/media slurry is prepared. A glandless polyurethane pump and internal hoses deliver slurry to the manual blast nozzle. Infused with compressed air at the blast nozzle, the slurry accelerates for effective cleaning. Slurry then recirculates as it drains back into the sump post-component contact. Experience the Aquablast advantage with a sedimentation filter for fine media and contaminant disposal.

aqua blast

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