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ASTRO: Your Ideal Abrasive Blasting Helmet for Safety and Efficiency

Discover the ASTRO, your ultimate lightweight and robust choice for quality abrasive blasting helmets. Engineered by RPB®, this helmet not only meets global safety standards but also delivers exceptional performance, designed to enhance your blasting experience.

RPB®: Leaders in the Competitive World

As a renowned market leader, RPB® draws upon its extensive experience in the abrasive blasting industry to craft the ASTRO helmet. This helmet encompasses RPB’s commitment to innovation and excellence, catering to professionals who demand reliability and top-notch performance.

Features Enhancing Your Blasting Experience

  1. Hand Strap Convenience: The added hand strap offers ease in carrying and hanging up your helmet.
  2. Lightweight Yet Durable: Weighing just 2.6 lbs*, the ASTRO ensures comfort without compromising on durability.
  3. Easy Maintenance: The removable head suspension simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Robust Visor Frame: Designed with a sturdy visor frame featuring a molded hinge for extended usability.
  5. Clear Vision: Equipped with a large flat lens and the option for tear-off lenses for uninterrupted visibility.
  6. Comfortable Seal: The durable nylon cape with a comfortable neck seal ensures enhanced comfort during extended use.
  7. Seal Enhancement: A replaceable cape cover band seals the cape securely, enhancing protection.
  8. High Strength Visor Strap: Featuring a unique, high-strength visor strap for prolonged durability.
  9. Optimal Breathing: The flexible breathing tube ensures ease and flexibility during operation.
  10. Abrasion Resistance: The helmet shell is crafted from abrasive-resistant polyethylene, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  11. Efficient Flow Indicator: Available on CE and AS/NZS approved models, the low flow indicator keeps you informed.

The ASTRO helmet is designed not only to meet safety standards but to elevate your experience. RPB’s commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every aspect of this helmet, ensuring reduced fatigue, increased productivity, and minimal part replacement needs.

For a blasting experience that combines safety, comfort, and efficiency, rely on the ASTRO helmet by RPB®. Visit our website (www.cleanblast.com) to learn more about this exceptional abrasive blasting solution.