Bulk Blasting Equipment


Bulk Blasting Equipment:

Efficient and Economical Solution For sizable projects requiring simultaneous blasting by multiple operators, Bulk Blasting Equipment proves its efficiency and economic benefits. This option minimizes downtime and boosts productivity significantly, making it a preferred choice for large-scale tasks.


  • Adherence to International Standards: Manufactured in line with international standards, with the option of ASME U Stamping at an additional cost.
  • High-Performance Abrasive Valve: Equipped with a high-performance abrasive valve, such as Thompson or Metering Valve, ensuring effective blasting.
  • Multi-Operator Setup: Designed for four operators as standard fittings, maximizing efficiency.
  • Auto Air Valve System: Fitted with an auto air valve system, Kim Valve, and Non-Return Valve for seamless operation.
  • Enhanced Safety: Comes with inspection ladders inside and outside, high-efficiency moisture separator, large abrasive intake Posiseal, transportation skid, and hook.
  • Different Capacities: Available in capacities of 1700 Ltr, 3500 Ltr, 4000 Ltr, and 4500 Ltr, customizable based on customer needs.


  • Maximized Production: Ideal for maximizing production while minimizing downtime and maintenance.
  • Multi-Operator Work: Facilitates multiple operators working on a single machine.
  • Shipyards and Large Tanks: Primarily used for shipyards or large tank blasting jobs.
  • Large Blast Rooms: Also employed in large blast rooms for efficient surface preparation.

Experience the Difference: Bulk Blasting Equipment offers an effective solution for large projects, ensuring productivity and efficiency. With its multi-operator setup, it’s tailored for shipyards, tank blasting, and large-scale operations. Elevate your efficiency today.

For your Bulk Blasting Equipment needs, contact us. We specialize in offering customizable solutions that enhance production while reducing downtime. Experience unmatched performance and improved efficiency in your blasting operations.



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