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container blast Booth


The external dimensions of the blasting container is LxWxH 6mx2,4m x2,4m.
It was a heavy duty door in both side of the room.
The blast cleaning container consists of a Blasting Zone Area and Equipment
Area, which is separated by a 2mm/3mm MS sheet panel.
The floor in the blasting room is covered with 6mm chequered steel plate and
the walls on the blast zone are covered with a special Off White rubber lining
to protect against abrasive wear and for noise protection.
The LED lighting in the blasting room is well protected by easily replaceable
safety panel.
The blasting pot, vacuum recovery unit with recycling sytem and dust collector
are placed in the machine room. All components are arranged for easy
In the end of the blasting room is there a Suction hood plate that makes sure
that only the dust enters the ventilation system.
The ventilation type is Dust Collector Capacity of 5600m3/hr.
The blasting pot is a 100 liters CBBM 100 with a 10m 1” blasting hose and a
blasting nozzle of 6/50 that is dimensioned depending on the size of your
The recycling unit is a modified version heavy duty Vacuum Recovery Unit
which will have a recovery capacity of 1 to 2 tons per hour. The collection of
the media from the floor will be done manually with our gulper tool. The
rejected dust and abrasive will be collected on a bin and needs to be manually
emptied periodically.

The collected media enters a pre separator that separates most of the dust
from the blasting media. The media falls down into the silo that is placed on
top of the blasting pot. The dust goes on into the filter unit and ends up in a
bin. The filter is cleaned by compressed air each time the unit is turned off.
The offer also includes:
• Blasting helmet
• Blasting overalls
• Blasting gloves
• Air filter unit
• Air hose for breathing
The working conditions in the blast container are identical with those of
stationary plants.
The container will be delivered as a turn-key solution, just connect electricity
and compressed air and then you can start to blast.

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