Evolutionize Your Blasting Operations with the Integrated Bulk Blasting System

Elevate your grit blasting with our cutting-edge integrated bulk blasting system. Engineered for efficiency, productivity, and safety, this system is poised to transform your blasting processes.

Exceptional Abrasive Recovery:

Witness uninterrupted blasting with our system, matching the output of five blast nozzles. Minimal downtime for abrasive refills ensures continuous operation. Its vertical gravity-fed design reduces maintenance and minimizes mechanical failures.

Seamless Integration:

Our setup seamlessly integrates with any portable vacuum system. Capable of processing up to 10 tons of abrasive per hour, it excels in heavy-duty surface preparation on tanks, bridges, ships, and aircraft.

Enhanced Productivity:

Boost efficiency with four single-outlet 150 psi blast pots featuring Thompson II abrasive valves and oversized pop-up valves. Multiple operators can work simultaneously, while pneumatic abrasive transfer streamlines distribution.

Safety and Reliability:

Safety takes precedence with our pressure hold design, offering independent control to each operator. Count on our system for consistent, high-quality outcomes.

Embrace the Future of Blasting Technology:

Step into the future of blasting with our integrated bulk blasting system. Contact us today to revolutionize your blasting process, increase productivity, and achieve remarkable results.