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Internal Pipe Blasting Systems: Efficient and Precise Cleaning Solutions

Revolutionize Pipe Cleaning with Internal Pipe Blasting Systems

Achieving thorough and precise cleaning within pipes is a critical task across various industries. Our range of Internal Pipe Blasting Systems, including Tublast and Rotoblast, revolutionizes the process by offering efficient and versatile solutions for different pipe diameters.

Tublast and Rotoblast Systems for Comprehensive Cleaning

Our Tublast and Rotoblast systems are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional pipe cleaning outcomes. These innovative attachments replace the standard nozzle of a blasting pot and are tailored to accommodate pipes ranging from 13mm to 1600mm in internal diameter. Abrasive is propelled by a rotating head on the Rotoblast or a deflection tip on the Tublast. Specialized centering devices maintain the position of the blasting head, while operators manually or semi-automatically move the attachments along the pipe

Features and Options

  • Super Mini Tublast: For pipes as small as 13mm, with exchangeable tungsten carbide deflection head.
  • Mini Tublast: For pipes with internal diameters of 30 to 100mm, equipped with an exchangeable tungsten carbide deflection tip.
  • Tublast: Internal pipe blaster with exchangeable tungsten carbide deflection tip, suitable for pipe diameters of 70 to 295mm.
  • Rotoblast: Featuring a rotating head driven by compressed air, suitable for pipe diameters of 210 to 890mm.
  • Jumbo Rotoblast: The largest model, with extra-large rotation head for pipe diameters of 890 to 1600mm.
  • Semi-Automatic Winch System: Developed for Tublast and Rotoblast, offering constant and reproducible results.
  • Achieve Optimal Cleaning Efficiency

Our Internal Pipe Blasting Systems cater to a wide range of pipe diameters and cleaning requirements. With versatile attachments and semi-automatic winch systems, achieving thorough and efficient cleaning has never been easier.

Contact us today to explore how our Blasting Systems can revolutionize your pipe cleaning processes

Enhance pipe cleaning with Internal Pipe Blasting Systems. Wide range of attachments for various diameters. Achieve efficient and reproducible results. Contact us today.

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