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Aluminum Oxides

Aluminum Oxide is one of the most reasonable abrasive media for wet or dry blasting application where anything from a coarse to micro profile is required.   Being sharp and angular abrasive in nature and is the second hardest mineral after diamond and is best applicable when no ferrous contamination can be accepted on the processed surface.



It is manufactured by electro-fusing processing of high grade Bauxite to produce Brown Aluminum Oxide and electro fusing of  high grade Alumina for While Aluminum oxide.  High density and sharp angular structure make it one of the fastest cutting abrasives.       Aluminum oxides are screed and packed in various grades depending on sizes. Hence can choose the required grade as per customers requirement from the wide range for sharp cutting and micro finish profile requirements.

Available in White and Brown forms. It can be recycled number of times depending the grade of material and can be used for decaling, surface profiling, etching, shot peening etc 


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