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Ceramic Beads

Ceramic beads are recognized as highly performing and cost effective industrial solutions for shot blasting processes.

Ceramic media apply to numerous processes of surface treatment for a wide range of substrates from hard steel to light alloys, polymers and ceramics. Ceramic beads provide outstanding benefits in terms of quality, consistency  and productivity.

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Ceramic beads perform very efficiently in dry or wet pressure blasting systems and in multi-turbine blasting equipment. Ceramic media ensure excellent working conditions thanks to their low dust emission, round shape, smooth surface and high strength. Chemically inert, the ceramic beads do not contaminate the treated substrates.



It is manufactured by thermal/electric fusion of oxides developing high impact properties combined with hardness.  It is widely used in aerospace industry for shot peening application where the ceramic media can achieve peening intensities similar to that of steel shot but with a lower surface profile.  High density of ceramic bead will help to achieve peening intensities similar to glass beads at a reduced abrasive velocity and results in less abrasive breakdown and less dust. The lower breakdown rate will result in a consistent blasting profile

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