Glass Beads

Glass Beads a non-metallic abrasive, is spherical in shape and made from high grade crushed and sized glass cullet, which is smelted to spherical shape and annealed to equalize internal stresses and resist fracture. Glass-bead can produce required surface profile ranging from fine matte finish to rough smooth profile depending on the size of grade selection.


Glass beads will be best suitable for cleaning and deburring of critically tolerated parts without removing any base metal and thereby by preserving the critical tolerances. It is widely used in peening application on component to reduce the risk of failure due to fatigue stress or stress corrosion cracking. Glass-bead are chemically inet and environmentally friendly so they are extensive used for peening and blasting in the aerospace Industry. It is also used for descaling, polishing, cleaning of critical parts and decorative finishing on glass.

Glass beads can withstand impacts and thus can be recycled number of times. It can also be used for wet blasting purpose. After blasting, it will leave no ferrous residue and is environmentally friendly abrasive.

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