DELTA II Floor Grinder

One of the most advanced and versatile grinders available, the DELTA II offers a wide range of grinding tools and operating options. They can grind most types of substrates including concrete, terazzo and asphalt.


The DELTA II grinders are ideal for expedient surface preparation prior to the application of epoxy and similar coatings. They have tremendous cutting power to remove rubber deposits, adhesives, bituminous coatings and impacted dirt from any floor.

DELTA II grinders offer incredible ease of operation and a dust free working environment when used with an industrial vacuum. Low vibration and reduced noise levels offer increased operator safety and convenience. Our unique Circular shaped grinding tools increase the grinding performance and prevent the "rings" normally associated with twin headed grinders. Eliminating the gap between the discs also eliminates the need for the operator to swing the machine back and forth. Increased production and less fatigue are accomplished by simply walking the unit around the surface being prepared. The resulting finish can easily be covered with thin film coating systems.

Working width: 490 mm (19 in)
Voltage: 230 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 26 Amps
Motor: 7.5 kW (10 hp)
Dimension (H x L x W):115 cm x 105 cm x 66 cm (45 in x 41 in x 26 in)
Weight: 175 kg (385 lbs)
Rotation: 2000 rpm

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