This shot blaster houses enormous power in a compact, low overall height unit that is extremely maneuverable, resulting in incredible performance in the standard unit.

Utilizes two long lasting blast wheels engineered with our unique 6 blade technology. The ELGATOR performs superbly in places where other machines don’t dare tread. Hard topping concrete floors; Steel surfaces; Coatings – the production rate will astound you!


Most powerful shot blaster engineered by CONTEC
Precise, even blast pattern across the full width
Compact dimensions and very maneuverable
Exclusive "Travel Mode " prevents damage to dust skirt during transportation, loading and unloading
Easily transportable to your job site
Long service life on consumables, all individually changeable, reduces operation and maintenance costs
Designed to be user maintainable

Working width:560 mm (22 in)
Motor:2 x 17.3 kW (23 hp)
Voltage:460 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 63 Amps
Dimensions (H x L x W):110 cm x 175 cm x 75 cm (43 in x 69 in x 30 in)
Weight:585 kg (1290 lbs) in the 2 x 15 kW (20 hp) version

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