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Devibiss Advance HD
The DeVilbiss Advance HD (High Demand) spray guns are available in Pressure, Suction and Gravity feed formats and a wide range of conventional technology Air Caps provide exceptional atomisation for
coating wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and composite substrates with most types of solvent, waterborne, high solids and 2K materials.

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DeVilbiss outperforms the rest.

Advance HD’s unique high capacity airflow and outstanding atomization characteristics are combined with a separate “balanced” air valve to provide an unrestricted flow of compressed air through the gun body, this coupled with light, feel right comfort is an unbeatable combination. Advance spray guns are ideal for small operations or high volume spraying, with the added bonus of instantly improved finishing productivity.



• Wide range of conventional atomisation air caps provide a superior sprayed finish
• Robust, Lightweight and work friendlydesign for High Demand outputs
• Stainless Steel tips, needles and fluid passageways as standard
• Contoured handle design – Greatly reduces RSi and operator fatigue
• CE marked and fully ATEX approved

Advance HD spray guns kits are packaged as:- Pressure gun only, Suction gun with 1 litre cup and Gravity feed kits inc. 568 ml standard gravity cup.

Select your Advance spray gun preference and nozzle combination’s from the charts below to provide the Optimum performance for your individual spray process.

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