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Electrostatic Airless Guns

The goal of electrostatic coating’s is to delivery high transfer efficiency. It’s to get the most paint on a given part with the least amount of waste.

Smaller, Lighter weight Smaller , light weight RansFlex RX and RFX applicators features enhanced , propriety cascade and atomization technology. These advancements provide a compact applicator with the equivalent – or better performance and transfer efficiency of higher voltage.



Increased transfer efficiency

Significantly increases quality and production

Positive environmental impact

Reduces overspray,air pollution and VOC emissions.

Decreases coating costs

More consistent part-to-part quality

Reduced costs for the disposal of hazardous materials

Solvent Proof O-ring captured in the barrel to eliminate leaks.

Cartridge valve assembly prevents paint from entering the motor cavity when the applicator is not actuated.

Generator is located above the air valve. Gravity helps to prevent solvent and/or paint intrusion.

Computational dynamics used to optimize impellor design reducing air consumption and pressure needed to drive the turbine.

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