Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions designed the ergonomic Z-Jet flame spray gun to provide corrosion resistant coatings using zinc, aluminum or zinc-aluminum wires. These single-application guns offer a range of spray parameters for excellent coverage rates & high-quality surface finishing.

The smallest of Saint-Gobain’s flame spray guns, the lightweight Z-Jet is ideal for lengthy spray applications on complicated shapes. It is easy to set up for use in shop or on site. 

  • Z-Jet metallisation gun is a single application gun dedicated to corrosion protection coatings with Zinc or Zinc-Aluminum wires,
  • Z-Jet is lightweight and makes this the ideal metallisation gun used for long operation time on complicated shapes,
  • Z-Jet is very easy to set-up and to use for on-site job or in-house job,
  • Very rugged construction & design. Does not require specific assistance for maintenance,
  • Wide range of spray parameters for high spray rates and high quality surface finishing,


  • Wire from 1.2 mm to 5 mm (0.047-0.20 inches)

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