Introducing the RPB® ASTRO™ : 

Your Ultimate Abrasive Blasting Helmet Solution

When it comes to lightweight, robust, and high-quality abrasive blasting helmets, look no further than the RPB® ASTRO™. Designed to exceed safety standards worldwide, including Australia, Europe, and the USA, the ASTRO is your number one choice for an economy-driven yet performance-focused solution.

Backed by years of experience in the abrasive blasting industry, RPB® has meticulously crafted the ASTRO to meet the demands of professionals seeking unparalleled safety and productivity. This helmet stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Crafted with Care:

The ASTRO boasts a lightweight design without compromising on durability, ensuring that your comfort doesn’t come at the cost of protection. Our team has meticulously engineered this helmet to be a reliable partner in your work, even in the most demanding environments.

Enhanced Productivity:

Fatigue and downtime are common challenges in abrasive blasting work. The ASTRO tackles these issues head-on. Its carefully considered features are geared toward reducing fatigue and downtime, ultimately boosting your productivity. With the ASTRO, you can stay focused on what matters – getting the job done efficiently.

Minimized Maintenance:

RPB® understands that your time is valuable. The ASTRO comes with features that not only enhance your work experience but also minimize the need for frequent part replacements. This helmet is a testament to our commitment to providing you with quality equipment that stands the test of time.


1. Hand Strap – for carrying or hanging helmets up
2. Lightweight but robust. Just 2.6 lbs*
3. Removable head suspension – for easy cleaning
4. Sturdy visor frame with moulded hinge
5. Large flat lens . Optional tear off lenses
6. Durable nylon cape with comfortable seal around the neck
7. Replaceable cape cover band seals the cape
8. Unique, high strength visor strap
9. Flexible breathing tube
10. Abrasive resistant polyethylene helmet shell
11. Low flow indicator. (CE, AS/NZS Approved Models Only)


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