NOVA 2000™

The RPB NOVA 2000™ has been tested and approved to Respiratory Protection standards worldwide including NIOSH, CE and AS/NZS. NOVA 2000™ has been designed specifically for blasting, by blasting experts. RPB Safety has incorporated over 100 years of combined blasting experience for improved operator comfort and performance.

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A comfortable respirator system dramatically reduces worker fatigue and increases productivity. The NOVA 2000™ is the most comfortable blasting helmet available.
Lightweight pillow foam padding provides maximum comfort and reduces outside noise to a minimum. A soft breathable inner cape allows perfect airflow while keeping out contaminants. The advanced Air Duct Distribution System creates a constant flow of breathable air, prevents fogging and keeps workers cool. The large, double lens offers optimum vision without irritating side glare. Every feature of the NOVA 2000TM has been designed, manufactured and tested to ensure workers’ safety and comfort under even the most demanding conditions.
Try the comfort of the NOVA 2000TM and you’ll instantly appreciate why abrasive blasting companies worldwide have chosen it as their respirator of choice to reduce worker fatigue and maximize productivity.



1. Air Duct Distribution System
2. Luxurious Lightweight Pillow Foam Padding
3. Super Tough Helmet Shell
4. Large Double Lens
5. Multi Layered Sound Deadening Foam
6. Strongly Attached Cape
7. Abrasion Resistant Cape Cover Band
8. Snug Detachable Inner Bib
9. Your Choice of Cape
10. Hand Strap - for carrying or hanging helmets up
11. Low flow indicator. (CE, AS/NZS Approved Models Only)

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