Advanced Air Temperature Control System – Hot/Cold Adjustment
The RPB® C40™ Climate Control Device can heat and cool your supplied air as desired. With the slide of a lever, your employees can switch from heating to cooling ensuring they are comfortable whether they’re in the searing heat of the Arizona summer, a severe Scandinavian winter or anywhere in between.

The RPB® C40™ Climate Control Device cools incoming air by 52°F and heats incoming air by 33°F.

  • Low Centre of gravity for easy maneuverability
  • Ergonomic design make abrasive loading easier
  • Low maintenance design minimizes downtime
  • Bigger wheel easies transportation and wheel clearance gives greater stability when system is in use
  • Large inspection door for easy maintenance
  • Intended for very high productivity as a result of low pressure drop during blasting
  • Large piping for effective air flow
  • Extra ball valves fitted for easy shut down
  • High quality power coating

CLEANBLAST™ Blast Machines are designed to a max working pressure of 12 Bar and hydro tested to pressure of 17.16 Bar and are CE marked. It is designed to operate on all types of blasting environment whether it is open blasting in site/yard or inside a blast room. It can be used for removing paints/coating, mill scales, rust, thus preparing a clean and even surface for coating application according to industry standards.

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