The Z100 Series™, manufactured from RPB® Zytec Fabric is a lightweight hood offering superior comfort. The hood protects the entire head of the operator eliminating the need for an extra head protection. The wide angle lens offers optimum vision to see a clear view of the job. The Z100™ has been designed to handle the rigorous conditions in the metal working enviornmnet.

A NIOSH approved type C respirator, the RPB® Z100 Series™ offers light-weight and economical rotection. Used throughout a variety of industries, from grinding to brazing, the Z100™ brings workers optimal safety, superior quality and reduced down time.
The Z100™ offers you the option of ANSI Z87.1+ High Velocity impact protection.


1. Large lens for optimum vision
2. Air duct distribution system
3. RPB® Zytec flame resistant material
4. Snug adjustable inner bib
5. Tuck-in inner collar
6. Hang up hook
7. Quick release breathing tube clip
8. Super-flexible, robust breathing tube
9. Comfortable head harness
10. Optional peel off lenses (not shown)

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