Respirator Cartridge

The HY8810 and HY8812 are NIOSH approved N95 Particulate Respirators that provide the wearer with optimum safety and comfort, increasing productivity and reducing down time.
Both respirators are fitted with an adjustable nose piece and inner foam to provide a custom seal for each worker.

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The HY8812 is fitted with an exhalation valve that provides the wearer with a low breathing resistance and provides optimum comfort by reducing humidity inside the respirator.

Both respirators are maintenance free.

  • HY8812
  • HY8810


The RPB® Z3 Welder combines respiratory protection with breakthrough optical technology, providing welding professionals with a comfortable working environment. The Z3 meets safety standards worldwide, including NIOSH, ANSI Z87.1-2010+ Eye Protection,CE and Australian standards.



1. Heat reflecting light grey shell manufactured from high temperature impact resistant nylon.
2. Aerodynamic shell design for greater fume deflection
3. Center positioned air inlet
4. Integrated airduct brings the airflow right to the breathing zone
5. Hose support, to help keep balance and free movement of helmet
6. Enlarged mouth and nose area reduces CO2 accumulation
7. Smooth rounded edge for increased comfort
8. Highest quality wide view ADF available
9. Accommodates standard 4″ x 5″ front cover lens
10. Adapts to standard magnifying lens
11. Constant UV/IR protection
12. 3 year warranty
13. Suitable for all types of electro-arc welding, including covered electrodes,MIG/MAG, TIG/WIG, plasma welding and cutting. NOT FOR LASER OR GAS WELDING

The RPB® OCV filter has advanced angular dependence control which provides uniform shading and distortion free vision across the entire viewing area; this means you can see clearly whilst working at many different angles.

You can enjoy superior color definition in both the open and activated state, allowing you to easily identify heat definition and displays on equipment


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