RPB® Z4® Welding Respirator

The RPB Z4 has been designed with your comfort as top priority, resulting in a lightweight and ergonomically balanced respirator that reduces the effects of aches and strains on your body. With six points of adjustment on the RPB Z4’s head suspension system, you can set your own preferences, ensuring a stable, customizable fit.

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Design Features

  • ANSI Z87+ (EN166) approved grinding lens for eye protection.
  • Removeable ADF lens and replaceable impact lens.
  • Side windows for increased peripheral vision, optional window blockers included.
  • Large ADF lens with 1/1/1/2 optical quality rating for distortion free vision.
  • FR rated face seal and shoulder cape option available.
  • Gray heat-reflecting shell for lower in-helmet temperatures.
  • Compatible with supplied or powered air.

Comfort Features

  • Dual air distribution directs a quarter of incoming air across the grinding visor to prevent fogging.
  • Swivel outlet to adjust air flowing to breathe zone.
  • Includes RPB Quiet-Slim ear defenders.

Productivity Features

  • Flip-up weld visor for quick transition between welding and grinding.


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