Soda Blasting Machine

The Soda Blasting Machine proves highly effective for cleaning and depainting, especially when considering these three key factors:

  1. Surface preservation: It avoids roughening, making it suitable for delicate surfaces that can’t endure other abrasives.
  2. Softness advantage: The soda blast media’s gentle nature prevents harm to surrounding parts like rotary or hydraulic components.
  3. Water solubility: Soda blast media’s ability to dissolve ensures no abrasive residue remains in engines or process installations.

Explore the Soda Blaster, offering:

Immediate response for precise blasting Elimination of slow abrasive starting shots and spills Dust reduction through wet/vapor blasting options User-friendly pressure adjustments for optimal results Enhanced value in blasting efficiency

Featuring an accurate metering valve that conserves abrasives and minimizes dust production, it can be swiftly detached for maintenance. Versatility is provided by multiple options, making it an ideal solution for precise and cost-effective soda blasting.

Quality features include a wear-resistant metering valve, secure housing for control components, and compliance with the European Directive PED 2014/68/EU for complete safety.

Enjoy superior blasting economics:

Instant savings in abrasive and air consumption with immediate start/stop/start capability Increased precision and production in blasting operations

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