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Twin Chamber Blasting Machine

This high quality brand belongs to the product group “pressure blast systems”. Only the perfect configuration and match of all system components in a blast machine enable maximum blasting efficiency. Therefore clean blast offers an extensive and complete range of quality products.


Volume Capacity: 300 Ltrs

Design Pressure: 12 Bar

Hydrostatic Test Pressure: 17.16 Bar

CBBM 300 is Twin Chamber Blasting Machine from our standard range of Blast machines where two blasters can blast at a time and is on high demand in shipyards. It has got an approximate 425 kgs of expendable abrasive loading capacity and can blast continuously without stopping for refilling the abrasive. All the piping in the machine is 1¼” for effective air flow, hence less pressure drop and more productivity. This model is standard fitted with highly efficient moisture separator and Thomson valve for perfect abrasive control. Remote control in the system can be either pneumatic or electrically controlled.

Up to four operators can use our double chamber blast machines for parallel and independent work. Furthermore the double chamber systems makes it possible to refill the blast machine without interrupting blasting. This makes the system a perfect solution for an automated production and continuous duty.

Area of application


continuous operation

Total dimension: W x H x D *900 x 1750 x 850 mm
Diameter610 mm
Weight *300 kg
Featuresdepending on requirements
Tank capacity2 x 150 l
Abrasive mediasuitable for every common media
Blasting pressure0 < > 12 bar
Operating temperature0°C < > 50°C

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