Versatile, Highly Efficient, Portable and Air Operated pneumatic recovery unit.
The Clean Vac is fully air operated and used for collecting light and dry abrasives from the surfaces over a
short distance. It can work on 250 cfm of air at 85 psi pressure. Approximately 1 – 2 Ton abrasive can be
recovered per hour. It’s easy to maintain as there are no moving parts. Used mainly to collect abrasives
from inaccessible or enclosed areas such as storage tanks, job sites, ships hulls etc. Its light weight and
portable design have made one of the primary tools at the job site by the contractors.


Abrasive is recovered through a 2½” vacuum hose once the air supply is supplied to the CLEANVAC.Through the discharge hose the abrasive can be collected and feed to the hopper or bag. Recovery ratedepends on various factors like the distance travelled in vertical /horizontal direction, type of abrasives etc
Accessories Includes:
Unit comes with portable vacuum recovering system with suction hose 10m, discharge hose 5m and suction handle.

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