In areas of high relative humidity (RH) causes the freshly blasted steel surface to flash rust prior to the application of first layer of paint. Once the steel starts to rust, it will no longer meet required the quality standards and need re blasting. The level of RH is one of the factors which determines speed of corrosion. Higher RH level will accelerate corrosion rate, whereas lover RH level will extend the time taken for the part to start to rust. Hence, the process of lowering the level of RH in a closed blasting environment using a dehumidifier is widely practiced.

CLEANBLAST™ provides standard and customized dehumidifiers that have been trailer developed for Blasting and painting industry. 

  • Available from 9000m³/hr to 18000m³/hr processing capacity.

  • As per the climatic conditions on site Desiccant Wheel/Refrigerant  technology versions are available

  • Adjustable dehumidifying capacity and outlet air temperature.

  • Large inlet grills and filters

  • Robust design with steel frames, eyebolts etc

  • Can be built into containers for more protection

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Vital parts can easily be maintained and exchanged


Art. No 

Dehumidifier Process air volume 9000m³/hr

CBDH 9000

Dehumidifier Process air volume 12000m³/hr

CBDH 12000

Dehumidifier Process air volume 15000m³/hr

CBDH 15000

Dehumidifier Process air volume 18000m³/hr

CBDH 18000

Dehumidifier CBDH 9000

Dehumidifier  CBDH 12000

Dehumidifier CBDH 15000

Dehumidifier CBDH 18000

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