Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

An extremely powerful vacuum unit for the collection of blasting grit and other granulated material. The combination of high vacuum and high airflow make material transport over long distance possible. Compact design, built on a frame with the possibility of transportation by forklift. Equipped with grit and dust separator. The clean grit is collected in a silo and can be re-used. The dust is trapped in a high efficient NCF filter and discharged into a dustbin.

  • High vacuum and airflow
  • Dust separation from grit and granulates
  • Efficient self-cleaning NCF filter
  • Efficient vacuum unit requiring minimal floor space
  • Efficient self-cleaning NCF filter
  • High suction capacity
  • Very high airflow and high collection capacity
  • Forklift handling with high mobility
  • Efficient filter and grit/dust separation

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