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Clean Blast Paint Booth

Basically there are two types of spray booths

1) Dry Back type
2) The Water Wash Type

Your choice depends primarily on the type of paint you will be spraying, type of work piece, cleanness of air and rate of production (quantity of spread/hr.)

Function of spray Booth:

To collect overspray and exhaust clean air.
To provide clean air at the operator’s breathing level.
To treat the over spray in such a way that it can later be disposed off outside the building without nuisance or hazard.
To reduce fire risk to a minimum in the spray shop.


  • Dry Back Booths:

    The disposable filter spray booth is an efficient choice, and economical too for low volume spray painting operations

  • Principal of operation

    The heart of this spray booth is the special disposable paper filters/paints stop filters. The paper filter consists of two heavy paper with corrugations of unequal size which are attached at the corrugations. Each sheet has rows of perforations staggered relative too the other, both vertically and horizontally, resulting in a tortuous passage, so that air stream strikes at least four surfaces before it leaves the filter, in doing so, the sticky deposits strike the surfaces and adhere, only the clean air being finally discharged.             

  • Water Wash Spray Booth:

    1) Conventional Water Wash Booth

    2) No pump water Wash Booth

    Conventional water wash booth:

    All water wash spray booths have a washing tank which contains water/alkali mixture to break down sticky overspray resins. The broken down resin may be collected in this tank.

    Most water wash booths have a vertical water screen to catch overspray and carry it down into the washing tank. This screen depends for its function on a circulating pump, nozzles, pipe work and filters.

    Modern paints, however, are highly resistant to alkali attacks and since the overspray particles may have only a short contact with the alkali. Sticky paint enters the pump, pipe work, filters and nozzles. Clogging occurs, diminishing the booths efficiency and eventually it ceases to operate.

    Since there is nothing to become clogged, the resin particles are encouraged to re-circulate so that they scrubbed again and again. Eventually the resin is completely broken down. Pigment sinks to the bottom of the washing tank as non-sticky silt which is relatively easy dispose off.



The purpose of the spray booth is to arrest the over spray of paint mist, during painting operation to control the environmental pollution. During painting operation a flow of air current is passed through the working area so that the over spray mist is carried over to the filters.


The air current is then passed through appropriate type of filter elements, thereby arresting the paint residue and reasonable clean air is disposed-off to the atmosphere. The air current is creating slight negative pressure in the working area, sufficient enough, to carry away only the over spray.

The filter elements are replaceable over a period after they are totally blocked with paint residue. Axial flow Fans are employed to generate negative pressure and air current in the painting area.


Extraction chambers are constructed out of folded and bolted powder coated steel sheets duly reinforced to take the weight of the fan and the motor. The front of the extraction chambers will have Paper filters. The construction would be such that the filters can be replaced quickly and easily without special tools.



The main doors of painting room would be swing type. For providing dust free atmosphere inside the room we recommend the use of fresh air filters, which can be removed, cleaned and reused. This would require little higher pressure extraction fan. The fresh air filter blocks the entry of dust into the room to the maximum extent. This increases the quality of the air and in turn the quality of painted surfaces.



Special lights are fitted on the paint booth to provide good illumination. Lights offered are flame proof and are located outside the booth. The fan motors offered are non-flame proof since they are located outside the painting area. The controls for the motor are also installed outside the room for cost saving. If required we can offer flameproof lights, motors, starters and switches.




Totally enclosed sheet steel fabricated motor control center is provided with desk type design for front operation and access to interior from front hinged door.



Before starting any painting operation, the extraction fan/s should be started. It is recommended that properly designed inlet air louvers be provided (with dust arrester filter elements, if possible) so that proper air current can be created. The system works at its own for arresting the over spray paint by virtue of air current.  It should be only seen that no filter element is torn or over clogged to ascertain desired performance. The extraction fan/s should be stopped after the painting is finished or stopped.

paint booth
paint booth

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