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Specialty Sponge Media Abrasive Blasting: Revolutionizing Surface Preparation

Sponge Blasting Low-Dust Surface-Preparation
Introducing the innovative Sponge Blasting Machine, a revolutionary approach to surface preparation and cleaning in the UAE. The Specialty Sponge Media Abrasive Blasting technique, known as ES 200, has transformed traditional methods by prioritizing safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. This cutting-edge method employs sponge media abrasives, which offer numerous advantages over conventional approaches.

Safety First:

Safety is paramount, and the ES 200 excels in providing a low-risk solution. Unlike hazardous chemicals or airborne particles, the non-toxic sponge media abrasives ensure worker well-being, reducing accidents and long-term health risks. Moreover, this method stands out with its dry, low-dust efficiency. Traditional abrasive blasting often results in excessive dust, hindering visibility and causing respiratory concerns. In contrast, the sponge media's porous nature contains the abrasive, minimizing airborne particles, thus enhancing visibility, efficiency, and precision in cleaning or profiling tasks.

Dry and Low-Dust Efficiency:

Conventional abrasive blasting methods often create excessive dust, leading to poor visibility, increased cleaning time, and potential respiratory issues for workers. In contrast, specialty sponge media abrasive blasting is a dry process that generates minimal dust. The sponge media's porous nature encapsulates and suppresses the abrasive, significantly reducing airborne particles. This characteristic enhances visibility, efficiency, and precise targeting of the cleaning or profiling area.

Environmentally Conscious Solution:

Environmental consciousness is another significant advantage. The ES 200 aligns perfectly with eco-friendly trends by utilizing recyclable sponge media abrasives, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. Harmful chemicals and dust emissions are eliminated, safeguarding air and water quality. This technique's versatility and precision make it a perfect fit for various industries, from marine and aerospace to construction and restoration.

Versatility and Precision:

Specialty sponge media abrasive blasting is highly versatile, tailored to various surfaces and materials. From delicate cleaning to tough coating removal, the technique is adjustable for optimal results without causing damage. The process allows precise profiling, meeting industry standards and coating adhesion requirements. This adaptability suits applications in marine, aerospace, construction, and restoration industries.


Specialty Sponge Media Abrasive Blasting sets new standards for safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in surface preparation and cleaning. By utilizing sponge media abrasives, this technique ensures a low-risk environment for workers, reduces dust emissions, and promotes sustainability. As industries seek safer and greener alternatives, this method emerges as a highly beneficial choice, providing outstanding results while safeguarding well-being.

Sponge  Media  Concept

Sponge Blasting machine
Sponge Blasting machine
  • It may vary depending on the substrate, but Sponge media can be reused up to 10 times.
  • When reusing sponge media, 5% loss occurs due to abrasive damage, non‐recovery, and recycle treatment.
  • In order to maintain the dust capture ability of sponge media to the maximum, it is recommended to mix about 10% of new sponge media each time it is reused.  
  • Superior Surface Treatment
  • Can create a surface profile of 0 – 125 microns on steel.
  • Low Dust
  • Up to 98% less dust than conventional blasting.
  • Safe for enclosed areas.
  • Protects sensitive equipment during blasting.
  • Improved operator visibility, less rework, and operator safety.
  • Reusable
  • Sponge media can be reused up to 10 times.
  • Up to 94% reduction in waste compared to conventional blasting.
  • Reduces transportation and handling costs.
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Dry surface preparation.
Sponge Blasting machine

Sponge Blast  Advantages

  • Superior Surface Preparation
  • Low Dust Surface Preparation
  • Reuseable
  • Reduce Down‐Time
  • Other advantages

Superior Surface  Preparation

  • Al. oxide is used for abrasive materials
  • SA3(White metal) level of perfect blast work
  • Possible to form surface roughness of 0~125 depending on the type of Sponge Media
  • Increased chloride removal efficiency <br>compared to general abrasive(Garnet)

Sponge Blast treated surface

Low Dust

  • Reduce dust generation by up to 94% compared to conventional abrasives
  • Reduce Protection & Covering works 
  • Reduce dust cleaning costs
  • Reduce the cost of dust removal works
  • Reduce rework, increase worker safety
  • Protection of sensitive equipment around the blast area
advantage of sponge blasting


  • Sponge media can be reused up to 10 times
  • Minimize waste generation (reduce landfill waste)
  • Reduce logistic and Handling Cost 
  • Reduce waste disposal cost

Other advantages

  • Eco‐Friendly Blast method
  • Dry surface preparation
  • Other disciplines can work nearby

Reduce logistic waste management

ESE Solution Sponge media Advantages

  • More number of Recycle
  • No media compression during storage
  • x i c  raw material removal (Less smell)

Sponge Blasting Low-Dust Surface-Preparation



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