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Sandblasting Equipment

CLEANBLAST™ offers complete or wide range of blasting systems for surface preparation industry. All pot shells are designed and manufactured in accordance to various international pressure vessel standards according to market requirements. Each CLEANBLAST™ Sand blasting Equipment are hydro testing before it leavere factory ensuring quality and safety. CLEANBLAST™ blast machines offer an unbeatable combination of operator safety, unmatched performance, rugged durability and dependability.

Sand blasting Equipment Features

  • Low Centre of gravity for easy maneuverability
  • Ergonomic design make abrasive loading easier
  • Low maintenance design minimizes downtime
  • Bigger wheel easies transportation and wheel clearance gives greater stability when system is in use
  • Large inspection door for easy maintenance
  • Intended for very high productivity as a result of low pressure drop during blasting
  • Large piping for effective air flow
  • Extra ball valves fitted for easy shut down
  • High quality power coating
CBBM   1818   Litres12 Bar17.16 Bar
CBBM   5050  Litres12 Bar17.16 Bar
CBBM 100100 Litres12 Bar1716 Bar
CBBM 200200 Litres12 Bar17.16 Bar
CBBM 300300 Litres12 Bar17.16 Bar

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