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Top-rated sandblasting abrasive machines perfect for efficiently removing mill scale, pitting, and corrosion from steel surfaces

Cleanblast offers a range of sandblasting machine and blast spots in the conventional type, including pressure blast machines with single chamber and double chamber options. These machines are designed to effectively clean mill scale, pitting, and corrosion on steel surfaces, as well as remove laitence from concrete, perform underwater blast cleaning, and expose re-bar in concrete.

Single chamber sandblasting machine feature a single control valve and can be operated by one person, while the double chamber sandblasting machine is suitable for larger jobs and continuous operation, equipped with two or more control valves. All machines are manufactured by reputable manufacturers with ISO certification and TUV certification, ensuring quality and reliability.

The recommended abrasives for these machines include Coal Slag, Copper Slag, Garnet, Steel Shot, and Steel Grit. Depending on the abrasive being used, the machines are fitted with Flat Sand Valve, Thomson valve, Dosing valve, or Steel Grit valve. They are supplied with either Pneumatic or Electro-pneumatic 12/24 V dead-man control valves for remote control operation. For enhanced safety in the petrochemical and shipyard industry, Cleanblast recommends the use of Electro-pneumatic remote control valves. Additionally, for increased durability and productivity, Micro valve is recommended for garnet blasting media, and steel grit valve for steel grit blasting media.


  • Low Centre of gravity for easy maneuverability
  • Ergonomic design make abrasive loading easier
  • Low maintenance design minimizes downtime
  • Bigger wheel easies transportation and wheel clearance gives greater stability when system is in use
  • Large inspection door for easy maintenance
  • Intended for very high productivity as a result of low pressure drop during blasting
  • Large piping for effective air flow
  • Extra ball valves fitted for easy shut down
  • High quality power coating
CBBM   18 18   Litres 12 Bar 17.16 Bar
CBBM   50 50  Litres 12 Bar 17.16 Bar
CBBM 100 100 Litres 12 Bar 1716 Bar
CBBM 200 200 Litres 12 Bar 17.16 Bar
CBBM 300 300 Litres 12 Bar 17.16 Bar

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