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Benefits of Sponge Blasting:

  1. Low Dust: Sponge blasting results in up to 98% less dust, making it a safe and clean option for enclosed spaces and sensitive equipment protection.

  2. Reusability: The Sponge Media can be reused up to 10 times, significantly reducing waste and costs associated with conventional blasting methods.

  3. Reduced Downtime: Sponge blasting allows other disciplines to work nearby, minimizing disruptions and increasing overall project efficiency.

Sponge Blasting machine

Sponge Media Recycle  Concept

The concept of reusing Sponge Media is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. By mixing about 10% of new media with reused media, the dust capture ability is maximized, ensuring consistent performance in each application.
Sponge Blasting machine

Sponge Media Applicator ES 200:

The ES 200 machine is thoughtfully designed for blast operations using Sponge Media as an abrasive. Skilled operators can precisely control blast pressure to achieve the desired surface roughness and effectively remove contaminants.
Sponge Blasting machine

Portable Sponge Media Feed Unit (200):

Featuring various functions and excellent efficiency, the 200 Feed Unit is the ideal equipment for Sponge blasting. With blast pressure and media feed speed adjustments, along with high-performance casters and lifting eyes, it offers ease of use and mobility in limited environments.


Features :

* Blast pressure adjustment
* Media feed speed adjustment
* Pressure relief valve
* Secondary moisture separator
* High-performance casters
* Utility step
* Lifting eyes
* Wheels

Portable ESE Sponge Media Recycler (ERP 1000):

The ERP 1000 Sponge Media Recycler plays a crucial role in Sponge Media's reuse process, efficiently separating pollutants and waste from used media. By reusing Sponge Media up to 8 times, substantial cost savings are achieved in terms of transportation, handling, and disposal costs.

Features specific to the ERP 1000 are :

*Compact and efficient design
*Portable equipment makes it easy to move and Set up
*Easy to inspection and cleaning the equipment
*Excellent recycling speed


Product Name: ERP 1000
Power Source: Pneumatic Type
Equipment Size and Weight
-Length: 75cm

  • Height: 120cm
  • Weight: 80Kg
    Process Speed : 8Kg/minute

The air pressure is recommended at 2.5 bar, but it can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. Excessive and continuous high-speed rotation (high pressure) may damage the air motor.


Experience the remarkable benefits of Sponge Blasting with our advanced Sponge Media Applicator and Recycler in UAE. Enjoy low dust, superior surface treatment, and minimized downtime, all while contributing to a more sustainable and cost-efficient blasting solution. Elevate your surface preparation processes with our cutting-edge Sponge Blasting technology.

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