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Subsea Blasting System BM-200-ECO

Compressed air blasting is a fast and thorough method to remove marine growth, paint and corrosion. It’s the perfect pre-treatment for inspection jobs but can also leave a SA2½ finish for repainting. It’s a silent and safe method without the need of retro jets.
The diver will be the actual blaster, holding the nozzle and preparing the surface. The start/stop of the machine and controls etc. will be done by the operator at shore.
After the vessel is filled with abrasive it is pressurized first by the operator to put it in stand-by mode. This is done by a switch on the control box.
On the control box also the blasting pressure can be set by the operator.
When the diver is ready the start/stop of blasting is controlled by the operator with a switch on the control box. The blasting air valve is opened together with the abrasive metering valve after which the operator can set the correct amount of abrasive for the application.


• No noise. Makes communication for the diver possible while at work.
• No need for retro jets because of low pressures compared to HP water systems.
• Light to use and easy to handle nozzle. Can be used with one hand.
• Safer for the diver because of low pressure and communication possibility.
• Works up to twice as fast as HP water systems.
• Simple control of pressure and abrasive allow various surface finishes, from removing marine growth down to bare metal finish.
• Perfect matt, non-reflective finish for remote observation and underwater photographic records.
• Can achieve a SA2½ finish for e.g., repainting.
• Blasting up to 50 meters depth at 5 bar

Dimensions and Contents

The blast pot has a content of 200 litres and comes with 1½² piping and fittings. The overall dimensions are: 970 x 880 x 1625 mm (l x w x h) and a weight of 255 kg.

Pressure and compressed air consumption

Because every 10 meters of depth results in 1 bar of ambient pressure underwater, the blasting depth should be taken into consideration when setting the pressure at the machine. E.g., when you want a blasting pressure at the nozzle of 6 bars at 20 meters of depth, the set pressure at the machine should be set at 8 bar.

The maximum set pressure on the machine is 10 bar. This results in a maximum pressure at the nozzle of 5 bar when blasting at 50 meters depth.

The compressed air consumption of the machine is determined by the diameter of the blast nozzle and the blasting pressure at the nozzle. Standard a light weight and wear resistant silicon carbide nozzle is installed on the hose package with an 12,5 mm orifice.


Compressed air consumption in Nm³/min.



5 bar

6 bar

7 bar

8 bar

9 bar

10 bar

11,0 mm Ø







12,5 mm Ø









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