Sand blasting Equipment for Superior Surface Preparation

Sand blasting Equipment

Sandblasting Equipment CLEANBLAST™ offers complete or wide range of blasting systems for surface preparation industry. All pot shells are designed and manufactured in accordance to various international pressure vessel standards according to market requirements. Each CLEANBLAST™ Sand blasting Equipment are hydro testing before it leavere factory ensuring quality and safety. CLEANBLAST™ blast machines offer an […]

Distributor of Dustless Dust free Torbo Blaster

wet Dustless Torbo Blaster

Torbo M Wet Blaster Torbo Wet abrasive blasting system. The torbo machines of the M-L series are suitablefor a wide range of applications. With integrated quick switch-off, switch-over blasting/ washing or ATEX version, you can confi gure the device according to your requirements. Thus they can be used for sensitive monument cleaning as well as […]