Sandblasting Machines / Blast Spot : Conventional Type

Previous Next Sandblasting Machines / Blast Spot   Clean Blast International is an authorized supplier of sand blasting machine, sand abrasive blasting in Dubai. Thickness Gauge, painting machine, etc.sand abrasive blasting,sand blasting machine,sand blasting machine for sale,sand blasting Dubai,sand blasting UAE Features & Specification Low Centre of gravity for easy maneuverability Ergonomic design make abrasive […]

Garnet abrasive supplier in UAE

GARNET GOLDEN GARNET, a natural Almandine Garnet is an ecofriendly abrasive mineral with its advantages far outreaching its alternatives. Its unique grain hardness and toughness guarantee productivity and efficiency. Garnet has many applications and is mainly used as abrasive in abrasive blasting & water jet cutting and as a adsorbent in water filtration. It is also […]