Sand blasting Equipment for Superior Surface Preparation

Sand blasting Equipment

Sandblasting Equipment CLEANBLAST™ offers complete or wide range of blasting systems for surface preparation industry. All pot shells are designed and manufactured in accordance to various international pressure vessel standards according to market requirements. Each CLEANBLAST™ Sand blasting Equipment are hydro testing before it leavere factory ensuring quality and safety. CLEANBLAST™ blast machines offer an […]

Pneumatic deadman’s handle

Pneumatic deadman’s handle Available Available in pneumatic models, the Deadman’s Handle is used in combination with a blast pot remote valve. The handle will activate only when the operator makes a deliberate twin action to fold down the safety lock and pushes down the lever. Get in Touch


Torbo Blaster : Dust-Free Vapour Blasting. Efficient, Clean, and Advanced. Ideal for Multiple Industries.

Torbo XL Wet Blaster Torbo Wet abrasive blasting system torbo XL are the big ones among the torbo wet sandblasting machines. Our XL version has enough power for every renovation measure and is satisfied with less abrasive than you think. – Removal of multi-layer old coatings – Ship refurbishment in dry docks – Roughening and […]